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At djb microtech we recognize that hardware is very important but as teachers the crucial elemement is the software. The pupils interact with what is on the screen. Concepts are developed and hypotheses tested by manipulating data, repeating experiments with adjusted parameters - the software has to make this easy and that is what the ALBA system excels at.

The ALBA software offers immense support for the curriculum in the form of dedicated Applications. Click here to view the Applications on each disk. Teachers wishing to set up their own investigation can use the Investigator software which gives the user full control of the ALBA Interface.

Sample setups from Physics, Chemistry and Biology Applications are shown below.


Each ALBA Application communicates with the ALBA Interface and the ALBA Core software. The Core is the part of the software that handles the displaying of the data in Tables and Graphs. It also handles the data analysis. The Core can operate without any interface connected and can be freely downloaded along with a manual that takes the form of Tutorials.
The Applications Offer the student on-screen support by way of background information, diagrams, photographs, setup instructions and questions.
Software Features
Ease of use Area under graph
On-screen Student Notes and Teacher's Notes Curve fitting
Sensor ID Zoom
Sensors may be calibrated if required Mathematical operation on columns of data
Report writing integrated into software Autoscaling as data is streaming in
Export to Excel Show Origin Button
Flexible trigger conditions Large Meter Display
Many, many times teachers have told us how easy it is to use our software and we are frequently told by them that they wished that they had discovered it sooner.

Applications Software - Physics

Each Application covers an experiment in your syllabus. The student is given full on-screen support which takes the form of photographs, diagrams, procedure, safety, steps for analysing results, questions and more-to-do. Using this support pupils may guide themselves step-by-step through an experiment.

Below are some screen shots from the Capacitor Charge/Discharge Application. Teachers may edit the text and photographs to tailor each Application to their own department's requirements.

Students may copy tables and graphs directly into WordPad which can be opened from the toolbar. This should make the writing of reports very straight forward.
Software Applications - Chemistry
Sample student notes from two Chemistry Applications.

Chemistry Background
Chemistry Menu
Chemistry Diagram
Chemistry Safety
Software Applications - Biology
Sample student notes from two Biology Applications.

Biology Procedure
Biology Diagram
Biology Setup
Biology Procedure


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