Introduction to Electronics-Logic Board


Logic Board, A3-1200.00, £75.00

This robust systems board offers students an ideal starting point for studying logic gates.

The "input - process - output" approach is suited to most introductory electronics courses.

The board is supplied with a battery box which takes 4 AA cells (not supplied)

Logic Board

Board Specification


  • temperature sensor
  • light sensor
  • slide switch
  • 2 x push switches
  • remote sensors connect via jack sockets
  • all inputs have LED indicators
  • 5V or 6V battery pack or regulated supply
  • 2 x NOT gates
  • 1 x AND gate
  • 1 x OR gate
  • standard gate symbols backed up by named function
  • 4mm connections used throughout


  • bright white LED for light output
  • buzzer (loudness can be altered)
  • relay has "plug on" connector for quick connection of remote loads (e.g.lamp, fan)
  • red LED test probe for testing gates


Remote Sensor Pack, A3-1200.20, £16.00

This pack consists of: magnetic proximity switch, simple light gate, time delay, moisture probe

Remote Sensor Packa


Logic Board Power Supply, A3-1200.40, £10.50


5V regulated switched mode DC power supply with 2.5mm centre positive connector.


Pack of 5, 4mm leads, A3-1200.60, £7.20






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