Thermal Generator


Thermal Generator, L1-1050.00, £21.95

Thermal GeneratorThe Thermal Generator comprises of a Peltier/Seebeck element mounted on a large heat sink.

The specification of the Peltier/Seebeck Element is:
• dimensions 30x30x4.7 mm
• maximum cooling performance 17 W
• maximum temperature difference between faces 67°C
• maximum voltage 8V dc
• maximum current 3.5 A
• maximum working temperature 70 - 80 °C
• internal resistance 1R8.


The Peltier/Seebeck Element can be used in two ways:
When used as a Seebeck element the device can produce a voltage if one face is warmed and the other cooled.
When used as a Peltier element a temperature gradient is produced across the element if a voltage is applied to it. The unit has been designed such that when a positive voltage is applied to the red terminal the top surface of the element becomes cool and the bottom surface hot. The heat sink removes this heat.


Peltier+MotorBy sitting a beaker of boiling water on top of the element a voltage is produced which is large enough to operate the Solar Motor.










Technical notes for this product are available in the Teachers Section.



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