Radiation Cans


Radiation Cans, C3-2740.00, £26.95

Radiation CansA set of three cans made from the same material but of different colours. If the cans are irradiated using a lamp it can be easily shown that black surfaces absorb heat energy better than lighter colours. If the lamp is switched off then the black flask will radiate heat more rapidly than the others.
This experiment works first time, every time and your students will see clearly that the rate of absorption and radiation of heat energy for the black flask is greater than the other two.
Dimensions : diameter 53mm, height 153mm.






Radiation GraphThe results on the right were obtained using the ALBA Interface and Logger with temperature probes.The Application, Heat Absorption, is on the Science Basics CD. The heat source was an anglepoise lamp with a 60W bulb. The graphs show very clearly when the lamp was switched off - the cans radiating their heat energy.


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