RayZer Lightbox


RayZer Lightbox, D1-2000.00, £74.80

RayZer LightboxBring modern technology into your classroom with this raybox for the 21st century.

This unit is for studying ray optics. It contains 3 laser diode modules. The power of each diode is less than 1mW and the wavelength is 650nm.

The Rayzer is supplied with a plugtop power supply and is mounted on a white plastic baseboard. The beams may be switched between one and three.
Paper can be placed on top of the baseboard and the rays traced. If required the unit can be used with a 9V PP3 type battery and our battery connector.
Classroom management is eased as no blackout is required to operate the RayZer.

When the RayZer is switched to one beam and a diffraction grating is placed in the path of the beam the wavelength of the laser light can be calculated.

The RayZer has been tested for safety and it is class 2 to the current versions of IEC 60825-1 and BS
EN 60825-1.

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The RayZer Lightbox in use   Block
Concave Lens    
    Circular Lens
Concave Mirror    
    Internal Reflection






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