Falling Ball Release Mechanism


Falling Ball Release Mechanism, B3-1120.00, £24.10

Release MechanismThe Falling Ball Release Mechanism offers a simple and effective way to release the ball in the 'g by free fall' experiment. It removes the necessity to have an electro-magnet, power supply and a DPST switch.

The photograph shows the ball bearing being clamped between two 4mm sockets. The ball bearing forms part of a circuit - contact with the ball is via the 4mm sockets on either side. When the left hand sides are squeezed together the clamp holding the ball bearing opens and the ball falls.



The setup below shows the Falling Ball Release Mechanism being used with our Timing Plate and the TSA. When the ball is released a circuit is broken and the clock start.s When the ball hits the Timing Plate the clock stops. The timing plate does away with the traditional trapdoor part of the experiment.


G by free fall

View video showing the setup for the 'g' by freefall experiment.



Falling BallThe more traditional setup showing an electro-magnet being used with an old style TSA in the Gap Timer mode to measure 'g' in the Falling Ball Experiment.





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