Time, Speed Acceleration - Touch Screen


Time, Speed Acceleration (TSA), B1-2000.00, £177.00


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TSA now embraces touch screen technology making it faster and easier to operate. It has been redesigned to give it a smart look and it retains all the features which make it the ideal tool for lab measurements in kinematics.
TSA is much, much more than just another Timer. TSA is a microprocessor based, stand alone unit. It is a very versatile instrument having the following modes of operation

  • Time Interval (4)
  • Event times (8)
  • Speed (4)
  • Acceleration Data
  • Accelerations (2)
  • A fast timer (8) - for times <10,000us the resolution is 1us
  • A Gap Timer (1)

The Acceleration Data mode displays two velocities and the time interval been the velocities. Students can use this information to calculate the acceleration. Once the concept has been developed students can then switch to using the Acceleration mode to explore and investigate their world without having to do the calculation every time.

Our low current Light Bridge connects directly to TSA (or ALBA) enabling velocities and accelerations to be displayed. There are no internal batteries and no bulbs to replace.
Our Light Gates, Light Bridge, Sound Switches, Timing Plate and Reaction Timer plug into the DIN sockets on TSA. All plug-in units are interchangable with all versions of TSA. There are two digital inputs - each input can accept DIN plug or 4mm plugs.

If you are going to be doing a lot of work away from the mains supply then we would recommend using our battery box which uses 6 AA cells but beware the screen is greedy on current.

Because pupils find TSA easy to use it is an ideal instrument for investigations.
The manual has lots of suggestions and tips for using TSA - View a copy of the manual - this may take a few moments to load.

TSA is supplied with a plugtop power supply.

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