Geiger Muller Counter with GM Tube


Geiger Muller Counter with GM Tube F2-2000.10, £365.00



The design of our GM Counter has been tailored to the requirement of schools. There are three main modes of operation:

  • Ratemeter - used to examine the properties of alpha, beta and gamma radiation.
  • Counter - gives the counts/minute at selectable intervals of 1 minute to 1 hour. Ideal for investigating half life. Up to 800 readings can be saved and remain after switch off.
  • Period Count - gives counts in a user selected time which can be from 5 seconds to 1 hour. This enables items which are only slightly radioactive to be studied e.g. walnuts.



The GM Counter is supplied with a 9V plugtop power supply and GM tube.

Our GM tube uses a radiation detector type LND 712. It has a 9mm window and is capable of measuring alpha, beta and gamma radiation. No external HT supply is required as the unit generates its own high voltage.

Using our Battery Box the whole unit can be portable. This now offers the potential for some interesting work outside the classroom.

A previous version of this GM tube was terminated with a DIN plug which enabled it to connect to our Alba data logger. The Conversion Lead enables this older style lead to be connected to our GM Counter.

The simplicity of setup and operation makes this an attractive proposition for any sience classroom.

A manual is available in the Teachers Section.

  This is a close up of the Counter screen showing the count interval, the last count(18), the current count(11), the number of readings taken(8) and the time to the start of the next reading(36s).
  This is the screen for selecting the period which can vary from five seconds to one hour.


The Counter and Period readings are always automatically saved in the Geiger Muller Counter and remain after switch off.
If you wish to operate on your data set then provision is made to transfer the data to the Excel on a PC. The software for this is available on the website.
  The statistics available are basic. For those wishing to plot and analyse graphs then export the data to Excel on a PC.



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