New Sound Switches for TSA/ALBA


Sound Switches for TSA/ALBA, B1-1000.06, £41.50 per pair

Sound Switch Mark2

Our new Sound Switches operate in a similar manner to the original ones. The lower height of the new switches results in a mechanically stable unit and the cable from the switch is easier to position.

The Sound Switches connect to TSA or ALBA and can be used to measure the speed of sound in air and through solids.

Because TSA can measure time intervals to 1/100 of a milliseconds it is possible to put the switches a short distance apart in the lab and measure how long time takes to travel that distance.

The quality of the sound source is important. A clean, fast rising pulse can be best generated by hitting an empty bottle with the plastic handle of a screwdriver. Alternatively our Clapper Board can be used. When the sound arrives at the first switch it starts the Fast Timer in TSA and when it arrives at the second switch it stops the timer. The switches are latched.

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Sound SetupOur Sound Switches enable pupils to quickly and easily carry out an experiment where in the past it has been very difficult to achieve consistently reliable results.















Sound ResultsTypical results from the Sound Investigation Application on Disk 1.
The slope is 343m/s.






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